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NEW Guidance Documents from the PREPARE Project

By Anne Ackerson posted 08-22-2022 09:43 AM


Two new guidance documents from CoSA’s PREPARE: Preparing Archives for Records in Email project were published this month. PREPARE is a program of capacity-building services for email management and preservation CoSA is providing to state and territorial archives as part of the State Electronic Records Initiative (SERI). The project is funded by a two-year grant from the University of Illinois/Mellon Foundation.

Much of PREPARE’s published guidance is applicable to institutions and agencies with responsibilities for managing and preserving email. To learn more about PREPARE and explore other publications from this project, please visit CoSA’s website.   



Primer on Email Preservation Packages

Emails are challenging records to preserve as they are valuable both as individual records and as aggregate collections. Planning how to structure and store email records can be essential to successful preservation of data. This guidance document discusses determining the scope of preservation, choosing file formats, structuring the data, and documenting digital provenance.


Email Management Roles and Responsibilities

It is essential that roles and responsibilities are defined clearly and consistently. Governance of email depends on the many officials involved in its lifecycle knowing for what they are accountable.