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PREPARE Project Publishes Results of Email Preservation Software Testing

By Anne Ackerson posted 09-07-2022 10:16 AM


"Standardizing formats and structures for email preservation (or even short-term management)
can provide large leaps in efficiency in preserving email."

The Phase 2: Testing Report from the CoSA PREPARE Project summarizes the findings of volunteers who tested three email preservation software packages -- ePADD, DArcMail, and libratom -- for use in email appraisal, acquisition, processing, and discovery workflows. The report includes tester insights and recommendations, and provides the basis for the next phase of the PREPARE project, which entails creation of templates, workflows, and other documentation that will support a direct assistance program to states and territories in their email preservation programs.

Support for this publication was provided by the University of Illinois/Mellon Foundation for PREPARE: Preparing Archives for Records in Email, a program of capacity-building services for email management and preservation CoSA is providing to state and territorial archives as part of the State Electronic Records Initiative (SERI).

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