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05-31-2021 11:17 AM

A resource to help teachers more easily integrate the use of primary source materials into their classrooms. It consists of teaching units on Alabama history organized in ten chronological/subject areas:Creek War, 1813-1814; Settlement; Slavery; Civil War; Reconstruction; 1901 Constitution; World War I; Depression/New Deal; World War II; Civil Rights Movement.
While these units cover some of the most critical and significant periods in Alabama history, the selected lessons are meant to be representative rather than comprehensive. These units were designed to augment the study of Alabama, yet they are useful in the study of the United States, the world, and the social studies in general. The documents can also be used to supplement the study of other curriculums.
Each unit contains background information for the teacher and is made up of several lessons. The lessons contain learning objectives, suggested activities, and documents. Documents are reproduced in the original form and transcribed when necessary. Primary source materials may be printed and reproduced for classroom use. Lessons can be used without modification, adapted for specific class use, or entire new lessons and activities may be created based on the primary source materials provided.

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Document Creating / Publishing Body: Alabama Department of Archives and History

Topics: Teaching with Primary Sources

States: Alabama

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