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Technology Watch Reports (DPC) 

06-01-2021 10:09 AM

A set of 16 published reports on various topics written to provide an advanced introduction to issues related to establishing or running services with making records available long-term. The reports "identify and track developments in IT, standards and tools which are critical to digital preservation activities. They are commissioned by experts on these developments and are thoroughly scrutinised by peers before being released. Authors are asked to provide reports that are informed, current, concise and balanced; lower the barriers to participation in digital preservation; derive from the needs of the Coalitions members; and are of utility to members and non-members alike."

Formal Name/Title (ISO, ANSI): DPC Technology Watch Reports: ISSN 2048-7916

URL for Resource:

Document Creating / Publishing Body: Various authors. Made available by the Digital Preservation Coalition.

Date of Creation: 2008-2021

Topics: Security, Digital Preservation

Date Resource Added/Modified: October 20, 2015 / October 1, 2021


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