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SGER Grant to Preserve Colorado's Born Digital Legislative History: Project Plan 

04-20-2021 03:36 PM

The SGER Grant to Convert Freedom System (GCFS) project plan will provide a definition of the project, including the project’s goals, objectives, terms of reference, and migration guidelines. In addition, the plan will supplement the GCFS User Guide as reference documentation throughout the project lifecycle.

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Document Creating / Publishing Body: Colorado State Archives

Date of Creation: 9/14/16

Date of Latest Revision: 10/29/2018

Current Version (Color, Name, Number): 1.3

Topics: File Formats, File Naming, Grants, Long-term Preservation Strategies, Metadata, Preservation, Project Management

Associated SERP Framework Element: Access, Integrity, Open Standard / Neutral Formats, Preservation Metadata

States: Colorado

Date Resource Added/Modified: October 30, 2018


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SGER Grant to Preserve Colorado’s Born Digital Legislative History: Project Plan

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