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Producer-Archive Interface Specification (PAIS) 

05-28-2021 04:24 PM

The purpose of this recommended standard is to provide a standard method for formally defining the digital information objects to be transferred by an information Producer to an Archive and for effectively packaging these objects in the form of Submission Information Packages (SIPs). This supports effective transfer and validation of SIP data.

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Formal Name/Title (ISO, ANSI): CCSDS 651.1-B-1

Standards Creating / Publishing Body: The Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS)

Date of Creation: 2004

Date of Latest Revision: 2014

Current Version (Color, Name, Number): Blue Book February 2014

Related Standards: Producer-Archive Interface Specification (PAIS) - A Tutorial. Informational report. CCSDS 651.2-G-1. Green Book. September 2016

Other Notes: The Producer-Archive Interface Methodology Abstract Standard (CCSDS 651.0-m-1) [PAIMIS] Magenta Book 2004 is related. Prior versions also include the Red Book February 2012.

Topics: Records Transfer

Associated SERP Framework Element: Designated Community, Strategy

Date Resource Added/Modified: March 07, 2018


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