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Preserving Audiovisual Materials at NARA and the Pennsylvania Archives 

11-20-2020 04:45 PM

October 8, 2020 | View Recording

Join us for a discussion of preservation of audiovisual materials. Dan Rooney, Director of the Special Media Records Division at the National Archives, will provide an overview of NARA's Moving Image and Sound Branch activities. The discussion will focus on preservation and public access of NARA's motion picture, recorded sound, and video holdings. Wes Decker and Marie Valigorsky will share their work at the Pennsylvania State Archives. Wes will discuss the digitization process for Betacam, VHS and ¾ inch U-matic tapes. He will also discuss the post-conversion handling of the digital files, including their storage and applying descriptive metadata. Marie will discuss her work digitizing analog audio media, including vinyl records, audio tape reels and audio cassette tapes. The presentation will discuss digitization equipment and software, and ingesting and processing digitized assets with metadata in a digital asset management system. Marie will also discuss troubleshooting with equipment and tape repair with analog tape reels and cassette tapes.


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Preserving Audiovisual Materials at NARA and the Pennsylvania Archives

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