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Metadata Profile for Digital Accessions in Bagger (Indiana) 

05-28-2021 12:58 PM

This Metadata Profile was created for digital accessions at the Indiana Archives and Records Administration. This profile was created for use with the Library of Congress' Bagger. The fields are created with accessions, provenance, preservation actions and decisions in mind. It can be re-used with any application with proper edits. A generic profile was also created at the same time. Both are available for any institution to customize, use or adapt.

Software Type: Open Source

URL for Resource:

Alternate / Free Version URL

Cost: Free

Creating body / Developer / Publisher: Indiana Archives and Records Administration with Library of Congress

Date of Creation: 04/26/2016

Other Notes:

States: Indiana

Institutional Implementation: Indiana Archives and Records Administration since April 2016.

Date Resource Added/Modified: May 31, 2016


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