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Library of Virginia Microfilm Storage Guidelines 

05-13-2021 01:37 PM

Imaging Services at the Library of Virginia (LVA) receives microfilm, microfiche, and optical media for security and archival storage from historical societies; archival programs; school districts; churches; colleges; universities; and state, county, and municipal governments. LVA stores archival (permanent) and long-term records of the above media in an environmentally controlled area. A bar-code system is used that helps to locate and retrieve the more than 2,000 items a month being sent to our facility. In the interest of security and in order to successfully capture accurate information about the records being stored, the following requirements for storing media have been established.

Formal Name/Title (ISO, ANSI): Microfilm Storage Guidelines

Document Creating / Publishing Body: Library of Virginia

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Date of Latest Revision: 8/2015

States: Virgina

Date Resource Added/Modified: July 13, 2016


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Library of Virginia Microfilm Storage Guidelines

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