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Laying Track While on the Train: Developing an Information Governance Framework in M365 

01-04-2023 09:20 AM

In March of 2020 the State of Oregon went virtual. Not in a “exactly as planned and deliberately rolled out” way, but in a “everyone has to go home but we still have to run the government” way. Microsoft 365 deployment had been planned for later that year, but we all suddenly found ourselves learning the ins and outs while actively working. While certainly disruptive, this sudden shift presented an opportunity rarely seen in the records management world: get in on the ground floor and design proper records management in a system used by almost 100% of state government. 

In this presentation Kris Stenson, State Records Manager for the Oregon State Archives, will talk about the operational philosophy for wide-scale RM, how he was able to get connected into a multi-disciplinary team, and some of the technical details of how exactly it’s all going to happen within the M365 environment.


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