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Identifying Threats to Successful Digital Preservation, the SPOT Model for Risk Assessment 

05-13-2021 10:17 AM

This article provides an outcome based model for identifying risks in digital records that can be used in digital preservation. The proposed Simple Property-Oriented Threat (SPOT) Model for Risk Assessment, defines six essential properties of successful digital preservation and identifies a limited set of threats which, if manifested, would seriously diminish the ability of a repository to achieve these properties. The authors demonstrate that the SPOT Model possesses the attributes of conceptual clarity, balanced granularity, comprehensiveness and simplicity, and provide examples of practical uses of the model and suggestions for future work.

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Document Creating / Publishing Body: D-Lib Magazine

Date of Creation: September/October 2012

Topics: Risk Management, Self-Assessment / Audit

Date Resource Added/Modified: December 05, 2018


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