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Guidelines for State Agency Records Officers (WY) 

05-12-2021 05:03 PM

These guidelines spell out the statutory requirement for agency records officers, their required responsibilities, and explain the following aspects of this position: working with records retention schedules, using the State Records Center, transferring and retrieving records from the Center, destruction authorization requests, the role of the State Imaging Center, and identifying records of archival value.

Document Creating / Publishing Body: Wyoming State Archives

Date of Creation: March 2015

Date of Latest Revision: 2019

Other Notes: Note: The resource can be found on the website under the "For State Agency and Local Government Staff" section. Click on the arrow to display the resources.

Topics: Records Management, Records Schedules, Records Transfer

Associated SERP Framework Element: Designated Community

States: Wyoming

Date Resource Added/Modified: November 22, 2019


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Guidelines for State Agency Records Officers (WY)

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