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Digital Preservation Storage Criteria 

04-23-2021 04:42 PM

The Preservation Storage Criteria provides a list of criteria, or design attributes, for storage that supports the work of digital preservation. The criteria identify storage characteristics that range from system reporting and auditing to cost and energy efficiencies. The criteria were developed in 2016 by a group of digital preservation professionals and the document is actively updated to include community feedback. Uses for the criteria include evaluating and comparing Preservation Storage solutions, determining gap areas in existing Preservation Storage implementations, informing more detailed requirements for Preservation Storage, serving as a component of instructional materials on digital preservation, serving as a resource to seed discussions with IT and other relevant parts of an organization about Preservation Storage, and serving as a resource to seed discussions within the digital preservation field on Preservation Storage.

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Cost: Free

Date of Creation: 2016

Date of Latest Revision: 2018-07-23

Other Notes: The resource link includes previous versions and revision histories of the criteria.

Topics: Long-term Preservation Strategies, Preservation, Storage

Associated SERP Framework Element: Storage

Date Resource Added/Modified: November 20, 2018


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