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Digital Archives Specialist (DAS) Curriculum and Certificate Program (SAA) 

04-12-2021 04:00 PM

The Digital Archives Specialist Curriculum and Certificate Program is designed to help archivists learn the information, tools, and skills necessary to manage and preserve born-digital records. Each course falls under one of four tiers of study: Foundational (essential skills for managing digital archives); Tactical and Strategic (skills necessary to improve their organizations' electronic records programs); Tools and Services; and Transformational (skills necessary for a full-fledged digital archives). Each tier has a variety of courses to fill the needs of a variety of individuals and institutions. The key audiences are: archivist practitioners (individuals who work with the records), archivist managers (managers of the practitioners who may or may not also work with the records), and archivist administrators (managers and higher level figures in large archival institutions who do not manage the records directly).

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Document Creating / Publishing Body: Society of American Archivists

Cost: Varies

Date of Creation: 2012

Other Notes: Some courses are available via on-demand webinars, particularly Foundational Courses, and face-to-face trainings offered throughout the US. Archivists may choose to take whatever courses they need. They may also decide to take requisite number of courses, their respective exams, and the DAS Certificate Exam. Class availability and schedule can be found on the Digital Archive Specialist Course calendar. Costs vary depending on whether or not participants are SAA members.

Topics: Confidentiality, Security, Training

Associated SERP Framework Element: Device / Media Renewal, Governance, Strategy

Date of Latest Revision: Ongoing

Date Resource Added/Modified: October 20, 2015 / October 1, 2021


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