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Database Preservation Toolkit 

05-27-2021 05:37 PM

The Database Preservation Toolkit (DBPTK) is an open-source tool that enables migrating relational databases to various preservation formats, including SIARD. Originally developed as a command-line tool, the toolkit was recently repackaged with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for both Windows and MacOS to support database conversion. Supported database management systems include: MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, and other databases using JDBC. The toolkit supports conversion to SIARD 1, SIARD 2, SIARD DK, or any of the DBMS listed previously, and can validate the format after migration.

Is this a complete system, a service or a tool?: Tool

Software Type: Open Source

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Cost: Free

Creating body / Developer / Publisher: Keep Solutions

Date of Latest Revision: 2019-12-02

Current Version (Color, Name, Number): 2.2.0

Topics: File Formats, Preservation

Associated SERP Framework Element: Open Standard / Neutral Formats

Date Resource Added/Modified: December 04, 2019


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