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Best Practices for State Agency Social Media Usage in North Carolina, Version 2.0 

01-15-2021 03:31 PM

This report explains the status of social media as public record and the responsibilities of North Carolina state agencies to retain these records. It covers the role of the State Archives in collecting social media content through its web harvesting tools, and explains the ways in which state agencies should maintain their accounts for proper harvesting.

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Document Creating / Publishing Body: North Carolina Office of the Governor, North Carolina Office of Information Technology Services, North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources (State Archives of North Carolina)

Date of Latest Revision: 2017

Topics: Cloud Computing, Confidentiality, Social Media

Associated SERP Framework Element: Governance

States: North Carolina

Institutional Implementation: State Archives of North Carolina

Date Resource Added/Modified: May 22, 2018, updated October 2022


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