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Emergency Operations Plan (NC)

2017 North Carolina Emergency Operations Plan

North Carolina's Emergency Operations Plan is available as a single PDF as well as in parts.  Parts include a promulgation letter, plan summary, basic plan, functions and responsibilities, event specific plans, supplemental information, and a distribution list.  The document states: "The NCEOP establishes a comprehensive framework of policy and guidance for state and local disaster preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation operations. The plan details capabilities, authorities and responsibilities. It establishes mutual understanding among federal, state, local and other public and private non-profit organizations. The NCEOP is designed for worst case scenarios – to include catastrophic events. The NCEOP describes a system for effective use of Federal, State, and local government resources as well as private sector resources necessary to preserve the health, safety and welfare of those persons affected during various emergencies."  


North Carolina Department of Public Safety, Emergency Management Department



Disaster Prepardeness

North Carolina

2013 State Hazard Mitigation Plan found on the Mitigation Planning website of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety.  

October 23, 2018

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