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Resource Name Resource Type Brief Description Comments
Records and Information Management (AL) Web Resource/Report

Alabama's records and information management website for state and local agencies.  

Records and Information Management Service - RIMS (AK) Web Resource/Report

Alaska website that includes information on records retention and disposition schedules, forms, a manual, guidance, email management, training, approved ...

Records Emergencies (NARA) Web Resource/Report

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has developed resources to help federal agencies, as well as state, local and tribal authorities, ...

Records Emergency Planning and Response for the Alaska State Archives Policy/Guideline

Records Emergency Planning & Response for the Alaska State Archives was written to cover the types of emergencies that Alaskans are most likely ...

Records Express (blog) Web Resource/Report Records Express is the official blog of the Office of the Chief Records Office at the National Archives. The blog aims to be an open and transparent forum ... 0
Records Management (Northeastern University) Web Resource/Report Resources about records management. 0
Records Management (TX) Web Resource/Report

Records management page that links to trainings, forms, laws and rules, state and local retention schedules, the Texas Record Blog, record center storage, ...

Records Management Definitions (ND) Policy/Guideline

List of record management terms and their definitions.

Records Management for Local Government (ME) Web Resource/Report

Maine's resource website for records management for local government including links to education and training, retention schedules, storage information, ...

Records Management Guide: Alabama Office of the Governor's Communications Office Policy/Guideline

Provides records management guidance for staff including a description of non-records, transitory records, temporary records, and permanent records; ...

Records Management Manual for Local Governments (MI) Policy/Guideline

Records management services guidelines that discuss public records, retention and disposition schedules, disposition of public records, managing electronic ...

Records Management Training (AZ) Education/Training

A list of classes related to records management offered by the Archives and Records Management department of the Arizona State Library, Archives, and ...

Records Management Training and Education (OR) Web Resource/Report

Main records management page for the state of Oregon.  Includes guidelines, trainings, and information about basic records management, electronic records ...

Records Questionnaire for Academic Departments Form and Resource Sample

While created for use in a university setting, this is an example questionnaire for assisting with better understanding an organization's ...

Redaction of electronic records Policy/Guideline

Guideline and workflow document for the redaction of electronic records.

Regional Alliance for Preservation Web Resource/Report

RAP is a national network of nonprofit organizations with expertise in the field of conservation and preservation. Website provides information ...

Reliable Storage Media for Electronic Records (IL) Policy/Guideline Information on various types of storage media discussing factors to be considered when selecting media for long-term use including durability, widespread ... 0
Remove Empty Directories Tool This tool searches for empty directories within an area of your choosing. You can verify that the directories are empty, and then choose to delete the ... 0
Remove Empty Directories Resource Guide (UMN) Education/Training This resource describes the install and use of the Windows based program Remove Empty Directories - which searches a specified location looking for empty ... 0
Request for Proposal: Senate Tape Digitization Form and Resource Sample The attached files are sample documents used in the request for proposal for a project to digitize Senate tapes. 0

Displaying Resources 421 through 440 of 544

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