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Resource Name Resource Type Brief Description Comments
Policy Regarding Agency Long Term Records in Electronic Format Policy/Guideline

This document was written to establish policy, responsibilities, and procedures for agencies that maintain long-term textual records in electronic format. ...

Polygon Web Resource/Report

A vendor that can assist with property damage restoration.  Services are in the main areas of addressing water, fire, and climate issues.  24 hour ...

Portable Network Graphic (PNG) Web Resource/Report

A site that explains the basics of the PNG file format, how it relates to other file formats, software support, and links to other resources.  

Portable Network Graphics Specification Standard

This document describes PNG (Portable Network Graphics), an extensible file format for the lossless, portable, well-compressed storage of raster images. ...

Position Description for Policy and Program Analyst Form and Resource Sample Position description for a Policy and Program Analyst for the Kansas State Historical Society. 0
POWRR (Preserving - Digital - Objects With Restricted Resources) Web Resource/Report Tool grid displaying a list of tools and their correpsonding functions as a check list. Links for each tool provide more information about the tools. ... 0
Practical E-Records (blog) Web Resource/Report

The focus of this blog is to address the issues of archivists. Sample documents, evaluations, and instructions on how to complete a process or use a ...

Practical Technology for Archives Web Resource/Report An online resource that provides article on various issues for processing and learning more about digital content. (Inaugural issue.) 0
Preferred File Formats (Minnesota State Archives) Policy/Guideline

This document outlines file formats preferred by the Minnesota State Archives for digital preservation. This list is not intended to be a comprehensive ...

Preparing for the Worst: Managing Records Disasters (NY) Policy/Guideline

Guideline on developing and maintaining a disaster plan, preventing the worst, responding to a disaster. Sample documents are provided.

Preservation and Conservation Resources for Cultural Collecting Institutions Web Resource/Report

A list of resources curated by the Wisconsin Historical Society providing links to preservation and conservation information resources for museums, ...

Preservation and Conservation Resources for Cultural Collecting Institutions Web Resource/Report

A list of "preservation and conservation information resources for museums, historical societies, libraries, other cultural collecting institutions" ...

Preservation Health Check: Monitoring Threats to Digital Repository Content Policy/Guideline An OCLC report on "Phase 1 of the Preservation Health Check investigation of preservation monitoring and suggests that there is an opportunity to use PREMIS ... 0
Preservation Leaflets (NEDCC) Policy/Guideline

Set of preservation leaflets by the Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC).  Categories include Planning and Prioritizing; The Environment; ...

Preservation Metadata (2nd edition) Policy/Guideline

Discussion of preservation metadata including PREMIS and METS.

Preservation Metadata Implementation Strategies Standard

The PREMIS Data Dictionary for Preservation Metadata is the international standard for metadata to support the preservation of digital objects and ensure ...

Preservation Metadata Standards Web Resource/Report

Discussion on types of preservation metadata, why it is important, how it can be used, and on the PREMIS and METS standards.

Preservation Webinars Education/Training Webinars on preserving library materials. Webinar topics cover preservation of electronic resources, analog materials, and 3D objects for library collections. 0
Preservica Tool Preservica is a digital preservation and access solution available in both a cloud hosted and on-premise edition. The solution includes a comprehensive ... 0
Preserving and Disposing of Government Records Policy/Guideline

The purpose of this publication is to help Minnesota state and local government entities identify records, assess their value, and determine how long ...


Displaying Resources 381 through 400 of 544

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