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Examining Attributes of Open Standard File Formats for Long-term Preservation and Open Access Policy/Guideline

This study examines the attributes that have been used to assess file formats in literature and compiles the most frequently used attributes of file ...

Excel Archival Tool (UMN) Tool Available as a download from GitHub, this tool allows for the conversion of proprietary Excel files into open source formats. The tool extracts raw spreadsheet ... 0
Exif Metadata Extraction Tool Resource Guide (Carleton College) Tool

Wiki that provides an overview of Exif Metadata Extraction tool and instructions on how to use it. Examples of syntax and the setup for batch processing ...

ExifTool Tool ExifTool is a platform-independent Perl library plus a command-line application for reading, writing and editing meta information in a wide variety of ... 0
Extensible Markup Language (XML) Web Resource/Report

Information about XML.  What is it, what is it used for, examples.  Information about the schema, security, transformation, query, components, processing ...

Federal Records Management (NARA) Web Resource/Report

Main webpage for NARA providing links to records management portals, information on scheduling and transfers, oversight and reporting, education and ...

Fedora Tool

Fedora (Flexible Extensible Digital Object Repository Architecture) was originally developed by researchers at Cornell University as an architecture ...

Fighting Zombies - De-Duplicating Our Finding Aids Education/Training A solution to one archivists issue with duplicate finding aids. 0
File Format Action Plans in Theory and Practice Web Resource/Report Blog post about various methods for developing "file format actions plans" which are policy/guidelines for how institutions preserve specific file formats. 0
File Format Guidelines for Management and Long-Term Retention of Electronic Records (NC) Policy/Guideline

Guidelines and recommendations for preservation ready file formats as well as descriptions for each format, including how to save/migrate files as said ...

File Formats Best Practice for All Public Agencies Policy/Guideline

Establishes a statewide set of recommendations for converting records to file formats that support interoperability and/or the long-term preservation ...

File Formats for Transfer of Electronic Records to the State Archives of North Carolina Policy/Guideline

Description of file formats that are recommended for transfer, those that are acceptable for transfer under certain circumstances, and those that are ...

File Formats Guideline Policy/Guideline

Provides guidance and advice to public agencies in the selection and use of file formats that support the interoperability and long-term preservation ...

File Infromation Tool Set (FITS) Tool

The File Information Tool Set (FITS) identifies, validates and extracts technical metadata for a wide range of file formats. It acts as a wrapper, invoking ...

File Naming: A Four Part Video Series Education/Training

A four-part video tutorial on file naming created by the State Library of North Carolina as part of their "Inform U" series. Part 1 discusses why it's ...

FileVerifier++ Tool

FileVerifier works with Windows and can be used on a flash drive. It generates and verifies checksums on file sets with a large number of algorithm ...

Finding Common Ground: Collaborative Training for the Cultural Heritage and Emergency Response Communities Education/Training
Firewall (computing) Web Resource/Report General description of a firewall and how it is used. 0
Fixity (AVP) Tool

Fixity is a utility for the documentation and regular review of stored files. Fixity scans a folder or directory, creating a manifest of the files including ...

Forensics Wiki Web Resource/Report A wiki that discusses and provides information on the use of digital forensics for archival (and other) purposes. Categories of discussion include computer ... 0

Displaying Resources 201 through 220 of 544

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