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State and Local Govt Records Management Programs (IL) Web Resource/Report

The home page of the Illinois records management program includes sections on Vital Records, Local and State Records Management, and links to transfer ...

Heritage Emergency National Task Force Web Resource/Report

The Heritage Emergency National Task Force offers tools and information to cultural institutions and the general public for preparing for and ...

Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Resources (SC) Web Resource/Report

Web page that links to resources for disaster prepardness and recovery resources at both state and federal levels.  Resources specific to historic ...

NARA Transfer Guidance Web Resource/Report

A landing page for resources providing guidance on transferring permanent electronic records for the National Archives and Records Administration.  ...


A software tool designed to perform automated batch identification of file formats. The tool can also generate checksums and collect file level metadata.

Viewshare Tool was a free web application for generating and customizing views (interactive maps, timelines, facets, tag clouds) that allow users to ...

Karen's Directory Printer Tool Karen's Directory Printer captures and allows you to save or print technical file/folder level metadata about your files including file name, file size, ... 0
Cost of Inaction Calculator Tool

This tool may assist with the decision to digitize audiovisual materials or not. From the AVPreserve website: "The Cost of Inaction Calculator [COI] ...

Excel Archival Tool (UMN) Tool Available as a download from GitHub, this tool allows for the conversion of proprietary Excel files into open source formats. The tool extracts raw spreadsheet ... 0
LOCKSS Program Tool [From LOCKSS home page] The LOCKSS Program is an open-source, library-led digital preservation system built on the principle that ?lots of copies keep ... 0
Bag It Transfer Utility Tool

The BagIt Transfer Utility is the command-line equivalent of Bagger. Using the BagIt protocol developed by the Library of Congress and the California ...

Den4b ReNamer Tool This program allows you to rename files using a wide variety of naming actions. Some of the actions include using prefixes, suffixes, changing the case, ... 0
PRONOM (Technical Registry) Tool An online registry of technical information about file formats, provided as a resource to provide impartial information about file formats, software products, ... 0
Internal Audit Tool Tool

This Drupal based tool provides a method for doing a TRAC self-assessment. Installation instructions are provided. In general "a TRAC review is a self-assessment ...

Islandora Tool Islandora is an open-source software framework designed to help institutions and organizations and their audiences collaboratively manage, and discover ... 0

CONTENTdm is a digital asset management system used by libraries and archives to upload, describe, manage, and make accessible digital collections. ...

Archivematica Tool Archivematica is a system that automates the process of preparing digital objects for ingest into a repository and an access system. Materials are ingested ... 0
Chronopolis Tool

Chronopolis is a service for bit-level preservation of digital objects. Chronopolis uses a stack of open source tools: Audit Control Environment (ACE), ...

AXAEM (APPX-based Archives Enterprise Manager) Tool An integrated Records Management, and Digital Preservation Workflow System one-stop-solution with availability of customization, support and training service ... 0
PLATO - Preservation Planning Tool Tool The planning tool Plato is a decision support tool that implements a solid preservation planning process and integrates services for content characterization, ... 0

Displaying Resources 161 through 180 of 544

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