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Resource Name Resource Type Brief Description Comments
JPEG 2000 - a Practical Digital Preservation Standard? Policy/Guideline

Description of the format and uses of JPEG 2000.

Offline Archive Media Trade Study (Fiscal Year 2012) Policy/Guideline This report reviews possible options for offline digital archival store technologies. Tape technologies are discussed in detail as well as providing an ... 0
Raster Still Images for Digitization: A Comparison of File Formats Part 2 Policy/Guideline Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative (FADGI) BRief description:The FADGI Still Image Working Groups are exploring file formats for still ... 0
Building a Metadata Schema - Where to Start Policy/Guideline

Information on how to develop a new metadata standard that meets your organizational needs.

The Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles Policy/Guideline

Similar to the self-assessment being taken by the State Archives or the Digital Preservation Capability Maturity Model, these principles can be used ...

The Benefits and Risks of the PDF/A-3 File Format for Archival Institutions Policy/Guideline A report that discusses the issues relating to the PDF/A-3 standard that allows non-archival content to be embedded into the documents. The costs and ... 0
Model Policy and Procedure for the Management of Electronic Mail in Kentucky Agencies Policy/Guideline

This document defines acceptable management and storage of e-mail messages as part of an agency?s records management program.

Continuity of Operations Plan Template and Instructions for Federal Departments and Agencies Policy/Guideline A document that discusses the many different ideas that need to be considered when planning for disasters. The document was designed to be a template ... 0
Recordkeeping Metadata Guideline for All Public Agencies (Vermont) Policy/Guideline

Provides guidance and advice to public agencies in selection and use of recordkeeping metadata that support the interoperability, management, accessibility, ...

Electronic Signatures Best Practice for All Public Agencies Policy/Guideline

Establishes a set of statewide recommendations for electronic signatures in Vermont. This best practice is not intended to be a statement of the current ...

Digital Preservation Capability Maturity Model (DPCMM) Policy/Guideline The DPCMM is a framework used to assess an organization's ability to preserve and provide access to electronic records. It assesses electronic programs ... 0
Electronic Records Management Guidelines (MN) Policy/Guideline

The Electronic Records Management Guidelines provide information on a variety of topics, such as file formats and file naming, electronic records management ...

Checking Your Digital Content: How, What, and When to Check Fixity? Policy/Guideline

This resource provides information on different methods for checking fixity. Specifically the fact sheet defines fixity; discusses reasons why collecting ...

Analysis of Current Digital Preservation Policies: Archives, Libraries and Museums Policy/Guideline

A blog post and paper analyzing the contents of digital preservation policies. Links to the policies studied can be used as examples to follow when ...

Imaging Guideline for All Public Agencies Policy/Guideline

Provides guidance and advice to public agencies who are considering the use of imaging to support the interoperability, management, accessibility, and ...

Graphics File Formats Policy/Guideline One of a series of guidance notes giving general advice on issues relating to the preservation and management of electronic records. Provides guidance ... 0
Electronic Records Management Business Case Policy/Guideline

A business case that defines the busines drivers, risk, current environment, electronic record management challenges, business risks, unique requirements, ...

Web Archiving Policy/Guideline

A report that talks about the various aspects of web archiving: what it is, key issues, technical approaches, legal concerns, standards, software options, ...

Guidelines: MXF Application Specification Policy/Guideline Discussion about the creation of a wrapper to be used in digital audio/video preservation. Draft of the document addressing the specification. 0
Recommended Format Specifications (Library of Congress) Policy/Guideline

Preservation appropriate file formats were identified by Library of Congress subject matter specialists and documented under six broad categories: 1) ...


Displaying Resources 121 through 140 of 544

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