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Managing Text Messages (WA) Policy/Guideline

A page providing links to five advice sheets about managing text messages, a link to the Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC) policy, and a ...

Managing Records: Starting a Program (NY State Archives) Policy/Guideline

General information and helpful reference documents to information on starting a records management ...

Managing Active Records Web Resource/Report Set of web pages that discuss managing active files including setting up paper files, setting up electronic files, overall file management, and weeding ... 0
Management Strategies for Social Media Information Policy/Guideline Descriptions of a variety of strategies that could be used to manage social media. For each method questions such as "what this means", "why would I choose ... 0
Making Scanned Content Accessible Using Full-text Search and OCR Web Resource/Report A blog post describing the process and tools that can be used to assist in making scanned content more accessible. 0
Maintenance of Records Storage Areas (MA) Policy/Guideline

Provides guidance and requirements for records handling practices and maintenance of dedicated records storage areas.

Maintaining State Agency Records (WA) Web Resource/Report

Guidelines for Washington State on a variety of topics including records retention, how to go paperless, how to transfer records, and getting help with ...

LOCKSS Program Tool [From LOCKSS home page] The LOCKSS Program is an open-source, library-led digital preservation system built on the principle that ?lots of copies keep ... 0
Local Records Manual (KS) Policy/Guideline

Chapters titles include Records Inventory, Records Retention Schedules, Vital Records, Disaster Planning/Recovery, Micrographics, Digital Imaging Guidelines, ...

Local Government Electronic Records Standards and Procedures (TX) Policy/Guideline

Description of the Local Government code and issues around electronic records including: Definitions, Authorization, Standards and Procedures to Adopt, ...

Library of Virginia Microfilm Storage Guidelines Policy/Guideline

Imaging Services at the Library of Virginia (LVA) receives microfilm, microfiche, and optical media for security and archival storage from historical ...

Library of Congress GitHub Site Tool

The GitHub site for Open Source tools the Library of Congress has released or contributed to.

Library Disaster Preparedness and Response (ALA) Web Resource/Report

A LibGuide for Disaster preparedness, disaster response, and disaster resources compiled by the American Library Association (ALA).  Links to multiple ...

Legal Admissibility of Public Records (AL) Policy/Guideline

Discusses the legal admissibility of public records by providing practical statements adapted from the law.  Also discusses documenting the record ...

Karen's Directory Printer Resource Guide (UMN) Education/Training This guide walks through how to install and use Karen's Directory Printer; a program that captures file/folder level metadata. The program can also calculate ... 0
Karen's Directory Printer Tool Karen's Directory Printer captures and allows you to save or print technical file/folder level metadata about your files including file name, file size, ... 0
JPEG 2000 Summit Workshop Web Resource/Report Presentations, information, and links to tools and resources using or about JPEG 2000. 0
JPEG 2000 - a Practical Digital Preservation Standard? Policy/Guideline

Description of the format and uses of JPEG 2000.

JPEG 2000 (JPEG Committee) Web Resource/Report Information on all parts of JPEG 2000 as a standard, including Motion Jpeg 2000. The site includes an online guide to the standard as well as other documentation ... 0
JPEG 2000 Web Resource/Report

Description and information about the JPEG 2000 file format.


Displaying Resources 221 through 240 of 544

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