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You've Got to Walk Before You Can Run: First Steps for Managing Born-Digital Content Received on Physical Media Policy/Guideline Guideline that walks through initial steps for managing born-digital materials that may come into your hands. Created for those who accept born-digital ... 0
Workflows for Government Records Transfer and Ingest into Digital Repository Form and Resource Sample

This document outlines the workflows for ingesting government records into the Digital Repository at the State Archives of North Carolina, including ...

Windows Directory Statistics (WinDirStat) Resource Guide Tool

"WinDirStat is a disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup tool.” It helps visualize the contents of selected drives, learn more about the properties ...

What's in YOUR inbox? Education/Training

Training video educating Oregon government employees on their responsibilities in managing e-mail in compliance with state laws and regulations. ...

What is a Public Record (MD) Web Resource/Report

Provides information on Marylands answers to: what is a public record?; Who owns public records?; What is a record series?; How do you mange public ...

What Do You Mean by Archive? Genres of Usage for Digital Preservers Web Resource/Report Discussion on the many different meanings/intrepretations of the word "archive." 0
Weeding Decisions for a High Volume Digital Photo Transfer Form and Resource Sample

A detailed description of weeding decisions in the processing of a large volume of digital photos transferred from the Alabama Office of the Governor. ...

Web Archiving Beginners Workshop 2018 Education/Training

Slides, speaker notes, handouts, and worksheets from the beginners’ web archiving workshop led by SAA Web Archiving Section steering ...

Web Archiving Policy/Guideline

A report that talks about the various aspects of web archiving: what it is, key issues, technical approaches, legal concerns, standards, software options, ...

Washington State Standards for the Production and use of Microfilm Policy/Guideline

Information about the minimum standards that must be adhered to in the selection, preparation, storage, and handling of film intended to be security ...

WARC, Web ARChive file format Web Resource/Report

Description of the Web ARChiving format on the Library of Congress Sustainability of Digital Formats site. The site discusses identification and description ...

Walk This Way: Detailed Steps for Transferring Born-Digital Content fom Media You Can Read in-house Policy/Guideline Follow up report to You've Got to Walk Before You Can Run, details the "descrete steps with objectives, links to available tools and software, references ... 0
VRA Core: A Data Standard for the Description of Images and Works of Art and Culture Standard

A data standard that describes visual and other image-based works.

Visual Studio Code Tool

VS Code is a source code editor available for download on Windows, Linux, and macOS. The editor is fully customizable with keyboard shortcuts and extensions ...

Viewshare Tool was a free web application for generating and customizing views (interactive maps, timelines, facets, tag clouds) that allow users to ...

Utah Social Media Use Guideline for Government Agencies Policy/Guideline

Guidelines intended to help organizations make informed decisions regarding social media strategy, usage, and management, thereby mitigating risks associated ...

Using Web Analytics to Improve Online Access to Archival Resources Policy/Guideline

An article that introduces Web analytics as a method that archivists can use to measure user actions, to understand some aspects of user ...

Using Primary Sources in the Classroom (Alabama) Web Resource/Report

A project is designed to help teachers more easily integrate the use of primary source materials into their classrooms. It consists ...

Using Internal Social Media Platforms in the Government of Alberta Policy/Guideline

Discussion of the use of internal social media by government agencies and what to think about when using for business purposes.  

Using DROID for Appraisal (Practical E-Records) Education/Training

These two blog posts walk through the process of using DROID in the accessioning process. As part of a series of tool reviews, DROID is evaluated on ...


Displaying Resources 1 through 20 of 544

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