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SERP Framework


One of the goals of the State Electronic Records Initiative (SERI) is to assist State Archives with increasing their understanding of and capabilities for managing and preserving digital materials. To create a baseline, each State and Territorial Archive took the "Self-Assessment Survey" in 2012. States will be asked to retake their Self-Assessment periodically to see how their programs have improved after going through SERI training programs and educational events. The Framework elements are the same as the sections found in the Self-Assessment.

Framework Description

The SERP Framework was developed as one tool to help archive programs improve their scores on the Self-Assessment. The Framework element are the same as the sections found in the Self-Assessment. The Self-Assessment was based on earlier versions of the Digital Preservation Capability Maturity Model. [Newer versions of the DPCMM are worded differently and may not match the Framework provided here.]

In addition to recounting the "Levels" used in the Self-Assessment, the SERP Framework - where possible - provides information on how to move between levels to assist with increasing preservation capabilities. The steps between the levels are often self explanatory, however sometimes the levels do not have simple steps to get between the levels and may seem to change ideas. In either case, suggestions on how to reach the next level are provided.

NOTE: Because the Framework is based on the DPCMM there are a lot of assumptions being made about compliance to OAIS and TRAC. Currently the majority of state archives are not able to fully comply with these standards for a variety of reasons - keep this in mind as you work through the levels. Because while reaching and meeting these standards should be a goal - it is OK to not be able to reach Level 4 in all Framework elements. The important thing is to keep moving forward!