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2021 State Electronic Records Initiative (SERI) Webinar Series

SERI webinars typically occur on a Tuesday at 2 pm Eastern.

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Building Your Resume for the Digital Age

Tuesday, June 8, 2021 | 2:00pm Eastern | Register Now

Presented by: Patrick McCawley, Christian Skipper, Camille Tyndall Watson, Bonnie Weddle

Applying for archival jobs can be overwhelming. Throw alternating hiring practices and the increasing demand for digital skills into the mix and the process can become mysterious and frustrating. You may ask: how should I market myself? What do employers really want? What skills or certifications could I be adding to my repertoire? How can I draw on and connect tangential skills? If my digital experience is limited, how can I make my case? In this session, four panelists will discuss their experience with the hiring process and offer their advice on how to build a resume for the digital age.

Audience(s): Archivist Practitioners and Records Analysts/Managers

No technical expertise is required.

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