Electronic Records Day

Electronic Records Day is celebrated every year on October 10. It is an opportunity to share information about what you are doing to manage your state's digital resources and to enlist help in preserving electronic records.

Electronic Records Day is designed to raise awareness among state government agencies, the general public, related professional organizations, and other stakeholders about the crucial role electronic records play in their world.

To assist you in this endeavor the CoSA State Electronic Records Initiative's Advocacy and Outreach Subcommittee has developed several informational resources which can be found below. You are also encouraged to share your own resources and information with the public or other archival stakeholders in your community.

  • Spread the word through social media channels.
  • Do a special post on your blog.
  • Engage the public in a presentation on risks to digital content.
  • Start a dialog with other entities in your area that work with e-records on a daily basis.
  • Host a workshop on good digital preservation practices.

The purpose is to raise community awareness of our digital records, and of the need to manage and preserve them. After the day we would love to hear about what you did to promote e-records awareness. With your help we can make this year the most successful E-Records Day yet!

If you have questions or want to offer feedback please email seri@statearchivists.org

Talk about E-Records Day on Twitter using #ERecsDay

For a complete list of resources, please visit the Electronic Records Day Promotional Materials page.

2017 Electronic Records Day Webinar

2017 Electronic Records Day Webinar Slides

Previous Electronic Records Day Webinar Recordings and Slides

2016 Electronic Records Day Webinar Recording

2016 Electronic Records Day Webinar Slides

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