CoSA-Ancestry Leadership Award


With the generous support of AncestryTM, the Council of State Archivists undertakes its strategic plan commitment to facilitate next generation leadership development by providing up to $1,000 reimbursement for individuals or $2,000 reimbursement for groups of mid-level managers in state and territorial archives to help develop their professional potential and prepare for advancement.

Nomination Forms, Procedures, and Selection

Any organization or individual is invited to nominate an organization, person(s) or program(s). The nomination of oneself or one's organizations is permissible and encouraged.

All nominations are submitted via email and must include the following items:

  • CoSA-AncestryTM Leadership Award Nomination Form
  • Essay addressing the criteria listed by discussing the accomplishments and ongoing work of the nominee.
  • Letter(s) of support from at least one person familiar with the nominee's work and/or at least one CoSA member.
  • Supporting materials may be submitted and may include nominees' resumes or biographies, illustrations of work products and promotional materials, press releases, press clippings, and other related materials.

Email one complete nomination packet to Barbara Teague, CoSA Executive Director by 12:01 AM Eastern Time on November 2.

An Awards Committee, appointed by the President and comprised of at least one Board member and two CoSA members, will review the nominations and select the recipients.

2021 Nominations, Selection, and Presentation Schedule:

  • November 2, 2020: Deadline for 2021 CoSA-AncestryTM Leadership Award nominations, Midnight Eastern Time
  • December 2, 2020: Selection of 2021 CoSA-AncestryTM Leadership Award recipients
  • August, 2021: 2021 CoSA-AncestryTM Leadership Award recipients make presentations to members at the annual CoSA Work Session, online.

Award Recipients

James Watson and Cathrine Giles
Recipients of a 2018 Ancestry Leadership Award


Cathrine Giles, Kentucky
James Watson, Maryland


Zachary Jones, Alaska
Ali Rahmaan, District of Columbia


Jim Kichas, Utah
Abbie Norderhaug and Sarah Grimm, Wisconsin


Kelly Eubank and Jeremy Gibson, North Carolina
Karen Gray and Chris Hieb, Alaska


Dorothy Davis, Alabama

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