File Properties

Identifying and recording file properties can assist with learning more about a set of files, assist with provenance information, and file level metadata.

Tools to assist with file format identification include:

  • DDFileCatcher: This program allows you to select which file properties you want to capture after which reports can be saved.  There are over 700 file properties are options and the reports can be saved in various formats.  This guide was written by the Minnesota State Archives. 
  • Karen's Directory Printer: This program allows you capture file and folder properties of selected files and folders.  Checksums can also be generated and recorded.  Reports can be saved or printed.  Guides on how to use this program were created by the Minnesota State Archives, the University of Hull, and the University of Minnesota Libraries. [Note: The link to Karen's Directory Printer in these guides may not work as the site has been under construction. May 2015]
  • WinDirStat: The main function of this Windows based tool is to view disk usage statistics and assist with disk clean up.  The program has a view that shows statistics about file formats.  A guide was written by the University of Minnesota Libraries.  

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