Directory of State Archives

Alabama Department of Archives and History

State: Alabama
State Archivist
General Phone: 334-242-4441
Name: Steve Murray
# Resources: 10

Alaska State Archives

State: Alaska
State Archivist
General Phone: 907-465-2275
Name: Karen Gray
# Resources: 3

Additional Contact

Phone: 907-465-2276
Name: Jennifer Treadway

American Samoa Office of Archives and Records Management

State: American Samoa
Territorial Archivist
General Phone: 684-699-6848
Name: James Himphill
# Resources: 1


Arizona History and Archives Division

State: Arizona
State Archivist
General Phone: 602-926-3727
Name: Dennis Preisler
# Resources: 4


Arkansas State Archives

State: Arkansas
General Phone: 501-682-6978
Name: David Ware
# Resources: 1

California State Archives

State: California
State Archivist
General Phone: 916-695-1391
Name: Tamara Martin
# Resources: 4

Additional Contact

Title: Deputy Chief
Phone: 916-695-1364
Name: Natalia Visante

Colorado State Archives

State: Colorado
Director and State Archivist
General Phone: 303-866-5687
Name: Aly Jabrocki
# Resources: 6

Connecticut State Library

State: Connecticut
State Archivist
General Phone: 860-757-6511
Name: Lizette Pelletier
# Resources: 3

Additional Contact

Title: Assistant State Archivist
Name: Allen Ramsey

Additional Contact

Title: Public Records Administrator
Phone: 860-757-6540
Name: LeAnn Burbank

Delaware Public Archives

State: Delaware
State Archivist and Director
General Phone: 302-744-5049
Name: Stephen Marz, CA
# Resources: 3


District of Columbia Office of Public Records

State: District Of Columbia
DC Archivist
General Phone: 202-671-1105
Name: Bill Branch
# Resources: 1

Florida Bureau of Archives and Records Management

State: Florida
State Archivist/Chief, Florida Bureau of Archives and Records Management
General Phone: 850-245-6639
Name: Beth Golding
# Resources: 6

The Georgia Archives

State: Georgia
State Archivist/Assistant Vice Chancellor
General Phone: 678-364-3710
Name: Christopher Davidson
# Resources: 5

Additional Contact

Title: Deputy State Archivist
Phone: 678-364-3781
Name: Kayla Barrett


University of Guam

State: Guam
Associate Professor
General Phone: 671-735-2157
Name: Omaira Brunal-Perry
# Resources: 0

Hawaii State Archives

State: Hawaii
State Archivist
General Phone: 808-586-0310
Name: Adam Jansen, PhD
# Resources: 1

Additional Contact

Phone: 808-586-0312
Name: Ju Sun Yi

Idaho State Archives

State: Idaho
State Archivist
General Phone: 208-514-2328
Name: David Matte
# Resources: 0

Additional Contact

Title: State Records Manager
Phone: 205-514-2316
Name: Mackenzie Stone

Illinois State Archives

State: Illinois
General Phone: 217-782-1083
Name: David Joens
# Resources: 6

Additional Contact

Title: Deputy Coordinator
Phone: 217-524-9844
Name: Catheryne Popovitch


Indiana Archives and Records Administration

State: Indiana
Executive Director
General Phone: 317-232-7191
Name: Chandler Lighty
# Resources: 5

Additional Contact

Phone: 317-522-9056
Name: Claire Horton

State Archives of Iowa

State: Iowa
State Archivist
General Phone: 515-281-4895
Name: Anthony Jahn
# Resources: 1

Kansas Historical Society

State: Kansas
Senior Archivist
General Phone: 785-272-8681
Name: Megan Rohleder
# Resources: 7

Additional Contact

Title: Senior Archivist for Collections
Phone: 785-272-8681
Name: Michael Church


Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives

State: Kentucky
Commissioner & State Librarian
General Phone: 502-564-8303
Name: Terry L. Manuel
# Resources: 7

Additional Contact

Title: SHRAB Coordinator
Phone: 502-564-1702
Name: Catherine Giles

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