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Aug 14, 2017

This month the SERI Tools and Resources Subcommittee of the Council of State Archivists unveiled the first in a series of digital best practice documents. Focusing on digital project planning and management, the guide offers practical help for archives and other organizations that are embarking records digitization.
The decision to digitize records and the choice of a method to do so are not as simple as putting an item on a scanner and pressing "go"; to be highly successful, this process requires thoughtful research, preparation, and studious project management.
This best practice document is organized into three broad categories. Each category includes the strategies and best practices of highly successful digitization projects. Though the parameters for each project will differ greatly — budget and resources, source and amount of funding, type of material to be digitized, descriptive requirements, preservation activities — these best practices will produce a project management framework that is flexible enough to be applied to projects of all sizes and scopes.
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