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Jul 07, 2016


As CoSA continues to improve and enhance our communications with members, we are adding more ways to deepen member and stakeholder engagement beyond our monthly member webinars and quarterly newsletter. 

One of the ways that the Program Committee is achieving this is through building communities of practice within the CoSA membership.  Communities of practice are groups of peers who share a common concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly with each other – not dissimilar to the sections and roundtables in SAA. 

To that end,  CoSA’s new Public Services Community of Practice is a largely self-directed and self-regulating group – in other words, you choose what you want to talk about and when.  To support the communication, CoSA is proud to welcome you to CoSA's new forum: Public Services Community of Practice. This is a space for anyone who works at a state archive to ask questions, share concerns, and help their colleagues. We hope that this forum proves helpful to all of you!


Using the new CoSA Forum

Login to the website

If you do not have a login for the website, simply register to the main site, and you will automatically be added to the forum.

Click on Forum in the blue dropdown menu.




Select the category and topic you are interested in

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 To post a new topic in a forum, click "New Topic"


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 To post a reply to a topic, click "Post Reply"


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To subscribe to a topic to get email notifications of new posts, click on the wrench drop down and select “Subscribe topic"

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