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Case Study: Adapting an Analog Records Management System for the Ingest and Accession of Permanent Electronic Records 

01-15-2021 01:41 PM

The Records and Archives Division of the Office of the Secretary of State (hereafter MSA) received two National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) grants for the purpose of establishing an electronic records program at the Missouri State Archives. The first grant covered planning, staff training and a consultant who determined that minor modifications to the current State of Missouri Agency records Tracking (SMART) System would allow for the ingest of permanent electronic records. The second grant funded the SMART upgrade and the purchase of data-grabbing equipment. The upgrade succeeded and MSA was able to ingest 150 GB of permanent electronic records via the SMART System. This case study documents the work.

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Creating body / Developer / Publisher: Missouri State Archives NHPRC Grant #NAR15-RG-50006-15

Document Creating / Publishing Body: Missouri State Archives NHPRC Grant #NAR15-RG-50006-15

Date of Creation: April 7, 2017

Date of Latest Revision: September 5, 2017

Topics: Case Study

States: Missouri

Related Policies / Guidelines: Ingest/Accession Workflow for Electronic Records Upload via SMART, Ingest and Accessioning Workflow for Records Submitted via the SMART System (Chart), Submitting Electronic Records to the Missouri State Archives, all of which are found on the Records Services Division Electronic Records Project Page

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