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Disaster Preparedness Planning (MN) Web Resource/Report

Guidelines and other resources for disaster prevention, disaster plans, disaster assessment and recovery teams, and disaster recovery.  Includes links ...

Disaster Re-Entry Checklist (MN) Form and Resource Sample

A sample checklist to go through when determining if it is safe to re-enter a recent disaster area.  

Disaster Response and Recovery Resources (MN) Web Resource/Report

Focused on flood response, this webpage provides guidance written by the Minnesota Historical Society's Conservation Department as well as linking out ...

Disaster Response Initial Situation Report (MN) Form and Resource Sample

Sample form listing pieces of possible information to collect after a disaster or damage.  

Disposal of Digital Information Web Resource/Report A discussion about disposal of digital information including if appropriate authorities are being used, if there are drivers or barriers to digital disposal, ... 0
Document Management - Electronically stored information - Recommendations for trustworthiness and reliability Standard

Describes the implementation and operation of document management systems that can be considered to store electronic information in a trustworthy and ...

Document Reprocessors Web Resource/Report

Vendor specializing in wet document restoration with a focus on libraries, institutions, and government agencies.  Find resources relating to book ...

Documents for the Classroom (Maryland) Web Resource/Report

Document Packets cover a variety of topics and eras in Maryland history and are designed to bring primary sources into the curriculum. Online ...

DocuSign How-to Guide Education/Training

A How-To guide on working with DocuSign an electronic signature vendor (NC specific).

Download a copy of your Gmail and Google Calendar data Education/Training

The post links to Google's export data form, which prompts the user through steps to archive data from Google products.   A blog ...

Downloadair Tool This is a tool that allows you to download photos from Flickr, both from accounts that you are the administrator for as well as for accounts that you don't ... 0
dPlan: The Online Disaster-Planning Tool Education/Training

A free online template for creating and maintaining disaster plans.  "dPlan provides a template that allows museums, libraries, archives, and other ...

DRAMBORA: Digital Repository Audit Method Based On Risk Assessment Web Resource/Report

This self-assessment tool helps organizations understand the risks they may face and their potential impact of these. The interactive tool does require ...


A software tool designed to perform automated batch identification of file formats. The tool can also generate checksums and collect file level metadata.

DROID: How to Use It and Interpret Your Results (UK Nat.Archives) Education/Training

A user guide for DROID written by the UK National Archives, the program creator. This guide provides background information on what DROID is, what information ...

DROID: User Guide (UMN) Education/Training

A guide that describes how to use DROID.

Dryco Web Resource/Report

A vendor that can assist with emergency response needs and more.  Website provides details on rentals, climate control, general services and emergency ...

DSpace Tool DSpace is an open source digital asset management system, institutional repository. It provides a fixity checking through unique ID's, persistent identifiers ... 0
Dublin Core (DC) Standard The Dublin Core Metadata Element Set is a vocabulary of fifteen properties for use in resource description. The fifteen elements described in this standard ... 0
Duke DataAccessioner: Review (Practical E-Records) Education/Training A review of Duke DataAccessioner based on a specific set of criteria for use in small archive settings. A follow-up guest post by Ben Goldman discusses ... 0

Displaying Resources 121 through 140 of 544

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