Tools for Preservation Metadata Implementation

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Tools for Preservation Metadata Implementation

This resource "contains information about tools (e.g. software, scripts, stylesheets) which support the implementation of preservation metadata, particularly as defined in the PREMIS data dictionary.... Tools listed were not necessarily developed specifically for PREMIS, but may be used for implementation of preservation metadata more generally, and their relationship to PREMIS is stated." Functions of tools include: "Tools for extracting technical metadata from objects; Tools for converting extracted metadata into the PREMIS XML schema elements; Tools for generating a METS object with appropriate slots for PREMIS metadata (i.e., amdSec with digiProv, techMD, etc.); Tools for converting Jhove output to PREMIS elements; and Tools for recording events and outcomes (e.g. format validation, fixity check, etc.)." The website lists what each tool does, who developed it, when and for what purpose it was developed.

Varies; available on Library of Congress website


October 20, 2015

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