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The Texas Record: eRecords Conference 2013 Summaries

Summaries of the 2013 eRecords Conference on the Texas Record blog. Each summary provides details about the presentation and often provides information on how to address the covered issues. Blog posts include: Long-term Access through a Culture of Preservation; Processing, Storage, and Search of E-records; What does it mean to go viral?; Project Implementation, Best Practices, and Victory; Transitioning from Paper to Digitized Images; From Shared Drives to SharePoint; Better TOMA Compliance through Electronic Posting; and What's Next for Government Technology?

Texas State Library and Archives Commission

November - December 2013

Presentation materials may be available on the conference website (also listed under Alternate Url).  In addition, other information relating to e-records in Texas can be found on their blog using the tag eRecords: 

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August 31, 2018

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