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A mobile-friendly archives collections management system for everything from Accessioning to online Public Access.  The tool can assist with addressing processing accessions backlogs; uses descriptive standards to assist with public access; tracking access requests and more.  The tool can be run on your server or on a hosted cloud service. 

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Eloquent Systems, Inc.


From the vendor website: "The base component [module] of the Eloquent Archives™ application gives you everything you need to describe all types of resources and make them available on the Internet. The multi-level structure required for DACS, ISAD(G), and RAD is easy to create and maintain. Clients use a mobile device or their favorite browser to render all types of digital content – audio, photos, video, flip books, large maps & drawings, e-books, PDFs, websites, and more. Hard copy can be requested from the archivist with database entry or an automatically populated e-mail."

October 11, 2018

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