Digital Preservation Capability Maturity Model (DPCMM)

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Digital Preservation Capability Maturity Model (DPCMM)

The DPCMM is a framework used to assess an organization's ability to preserve and provide access to electronic records. It assesses electronic programs on 15 components: policy, strategy, governance, collaboration, technical expertise, open source/neutral formats, designated community, electronic records survey, ingest, storage, device/media renewal, integrity, security, metadata, and access. Programs receive scores in each component ranging from Stage 1 (Nominal) to Stage 5 (Optimal). Organizations can use the DPCMM to strengthen their electronic records programs by advancing through the stages of the components. Organizations can choose to focus on whichever components for which they have the resources.

Charles Dollar and Lori Ashley


CoSA's State Electronic Records Initiative Program uses the DPCMM to access the the capability of the states, both individually and a group, to preserve government electronic records. (2012)

October 20, 2015

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