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Resource Name Resource Type Brief Description Comments
Electronic Records Standards and Procedures (TX State Library and Archives Commission) Policy/Guideline

This guide covers definitions and general information about electronic records standards and procedures. Topics include creation and use of data files ...

Contingency Planning Guide for Federal Information Systems Policy/Guideline

This guideline discusses contingency planning and the various types of documents that may be necessary for recovery operations for both information ...

File Format Guidelines for Management and Long-Term Retention of Electronic Records (NC) Policy/Guideline

Guidelines and recommendations for preservation ready file formats as well as descriptions for each format, including how to save/migrate files as said ...

File Formats Best Practice for All Public Agencies Policy/Guideline

Establishes a statewide set of recommendations for converting records to file formats that support interoperability and/or the long-term preservation ...

AIMS - Digital Material Survey - Personal Digital Archives (Part 1 and 2) Policy/Guideline These survey questions can be used to learn more about the digital records that may come into your control. Areas to questions include: creation, operations, ... 0
Intellectual Property Rights for Digital Preservation Policy/Guideline

A report that discusses intellectual property rights as they pertain to digital materials. More specifically copyright laws, practical implementations, ...

Social Networking Policy/Guideline

A statewide policy addressing social networking issues including proper use, security, privacy, and legal concerns.

Preservation Health Check: Monitoring Threats to Digital Repository Content Policy/Guideline An OCLC report on "Phase 1 of the Preservation Health Check investigation of preservation monitoring and suggests that there is an opportunity to use PREMIS ... 0
Identifying information risks that might be impacting on high risk business Policy/Guideline Guidelines on identifying information risk. Article includes defining information risks, identifying high risk areas of business, knowing what information ... 0
Reliable Storage Media for Electronic Records (IL) Policy/Guideline Information on various types of storage media discussing factors to be considered when selecting media for long-term use including durability, widespread ... 0
Criteria for Managing Email Records in Compliance with the Managing of Government Records Directive Policy/Guideline

Written for government agencies who must follow the government records directive (M-12-18) by NARA, this document provides guidance and clarification ...

Library of Virginia Microfilm Storage Guidelines Policy/Guideline

Imaging Services at the Library of Virginia (LVA) receives microfilm, microfiche, and optical media for security and archival storage from historical ...

Policy Regarding Agency Long Term Records in Electronic Format Policy/Guideline

This document was written to establish policy, responsibilities, and procedures for agencies that maintain long-term textual records in electronic format. ...

Guidance for Policy Regarding Agency Long Term Records in Electronic Format Policy/Guideline

The Pennsylvania State Archives has issued the Policy Regarding Agency Long-Term Records In Electronic Format. This guidance supplements that ...

Submitting Electronic Records to the Missouri State Archives Policy/Guideline

The Electronic Records Archives at the Missouri State Archives accepts records that belong to a record series on a State Records Commission approved ...

Ingest/Accession Workflow for Electronic Records Upload via SMART Policy/Guideline

Brief description of process of submitting permanent electronic records to the Missouri State Archives and their accession by the Archives once it has ...

Ingest and Accessioning Workflow for Records Submitted via the SMART System (chart) Policy/Guideline

This chart illustrates the workflow for records submitted by state government agencies to the Missouri State Archives via the SMART System.

University of California Guidelines for Born-Digital Archival Description Policy/Guideline
Guidelines that provide recommendations for describing born-digital content in an archival finding aid.  The recommendations use 12 standard elements ...
Best Practices for Naming Electronic Records Policy/Guideline

This document provides best practices for the naming of files and may be used to create a file naming policy to be distributed to state agency staff ...

Redaction of electronic records Policy/Guideline

Guideline and workflow document for the redaction of electronic records.


Displaying Resources 161 through 180 of 544

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