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Resource Name Resource Type Brief Description Comments
Personal Digital Archiving: The Basics of Scanning Policy/Guideline Basic instructions for scanning photographs written for a public audience. 0
Instructions for Completing the Records Survey (Virginia) Policy/Guideline

Instructions for completing a records survey for the Library of Virginia, including electronic records.

North Carolina Digital Preservation Policy Policy/Guideline

Describes NC's digital preservation program, including the operating principles, incentives and challenges, roles and responsibilities, collaboration/cooperation, ...

Specification of the Broadcast Wave Format (BWF) Policy/Guideline Specification and technical details for the Broadcast Wave format. 0
Digital Imaging Standards (CT State Library) Policy/Guideline

These standards shall be read together with Public Records Policy 2: Digital Imaging to ensure a full understanding of the Office of the Public Records ...

Management Strategies for Social Media Information Policy/Guideline Descriptions of a variety of strategies that could be used to manage social media. For each method questions such as "what this means", "why would I choose ... 0
You've Got to Walk Before You Can Run: First Steps for Managing Born-Digital Content Received on Physical Media Policy/Guideline Guideline that walks through initial steps for managing born-digital materials that may come into your hands. Created for those who accept born-digital ... 0
British Library Digital Preservation Strategy Policy/Guideline

This strategy document addresses goals and strategic priorities relate to digital preservation activities at the British Library for 2013-2016.

Guide to Developing a Request for Proposal for the Digitization of Audio Policy/Guideline A guide to assist collection managers in defining parameters and specifications for a digitization project with the main purpose of gathering cost estimates ... 0
State of Maine E-mail and Digital Records Retention Guide Policy/Guideline

A publication of the Maine State Archives that discusses retention schedules/policies for email, voice mail, instant messaging, and social media.  ...

Electronic Messages Best Practice for All Public Agencies Policy/Guideline

Establishes a set of statewide recommendations for the retention and disposition of electronic messages created with electronic communication systems ...

Electronic Records Policy Policy/Guideline

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that Indiana governmental entities create and maintain trustworthy electronic records that demonstrate authenticity, ...

Guidelines: Embedded Metadata in Broadcast WAVE Files Policy/Guideline Guideline on suggested metadata to use with the Broadcast WAVE file format. 0
Selecting File Formats for Long-Term Preservation Policy/Guideline One of a series of guidance notes giving general advice on issues relating to the preservation and management of electronic records. Provides guidance ... 0
Information Security Best Practice for All Public Agencies Policy/Guideline

Establishes a set of statewide recommendations for information security. This best practice is not intended to be a statement of the current ability ...

Integrating Technology Obsolescence Considerations into Product Design Planning Policy/Guideline A discussion about the technology life cycle that must be considered when working with electronic systems. 0
Information Governance Reference Model (IGRM) Policy/Guideline A reference model to promote communication and develop information management plans. 0
Public Records Policy 02: Digital Imaging (CT State Library) Policy/Guideline

This policy applies to all executive branch state agencies, local government entities, and political subdivisions in Connecticut using imaging technology ...

Implementing Information Governance Guidance Policy/Guideline

A document that defines information governance and describes its possible structure; written for the Queensland Government.

Raster Still Images for Digitization: A Comparison of File Formats Part 3 Policy/Guideline The FADGI Still Image Working Groups are exploring file formats for still images and videos. Using matrix-based tools to make comparisons relevant to ... 0

Displaying Resources 141 through 160 of 544

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