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The Benefits and Risks of the PDF/A-3 File Format for Archival Institutions Policy/Guideline A report that discusses the issues relating to the PDF/A-3 standard that allows non-archival content to be embedded into the documents. The costs and ... 0
Information Governance Reference Model (IGRM) Policy/Guideline A reference model to promote communication and develop information management plans. 0
Protect Your Data: Information Security and the Boundaries of Your Storage System Web Resource/Report A post about the Level 1 Information Securtiy square on the NDSA Levels of Preservation chart. Specifically "storage system" is described and additional ... 0
Spreadsheet to Finding Aid - The Game Plan Education/Training A possible solution for working with digital images and making them accessible online via a finding aid. 0
More Podcast, Less Process Web Resource/Report A podcast series of "interviews with archivists, librarians, preservationists, technologists, and information professionals" on various topics. 0
How to Evaluate Open Source Software / Free Software (OSS/FS) Programs Policy/Guideline A paper that discusses a general process for evalauting software programs. 0
PAWN: Producer-Archive Workflow Network in support of digital preservation Web Resource/Report A paper that describes the design and implementation of the PAWN environment to enable secure and distributed ingestion of digital objects into a persistent ... 0
Guide to Developing a Request for Proposal for the Digitization of Audio Policy/Guideline A guide to assist collection managers in defining parameters and specifications for a digitization project with the main purpose of gathering cost estimates ... 0
Guidance on Cloud Storage and Digital Preservation Policy/Guideline A guidance document that describes cloud storage, discusses key issues and best practices, provides a step-by-step guide on understanding your needs and ... 0
Cryptographic Hash Function Web Resource/Report A general description of what a Hash Function (checksum) is, its uses, and value. 0
Continuity of Operations Plan Template and Instructions for Federal Departments and Agencies Policy/Guideline A document that discusses the many different ideas that need to be considered when planning for disasters. The document was designed to be a template ... 0
Integrating Technology Obsolescence Considerations into Product Design Planning Policy/Guideline A discussion about the technology life cycle that must be considered when working with electronic systems. 0
Disposal of Digital Information Web Resource/Report A discussion about disposal of digital information including if appropriate authorities are being used, if there are drivers or barriers to digital disposal, ... 0
Risk Impact/Probability Chart Web Resource/Report A description of risks related to digital preservation and records managment and why it is important to understand what the risks are and how to manage ... 0
Digital Preservation Business Case Toolkit Policy/Guideline A comprehensive toolkit to help practitioners and middle managers build business cases to fund digital preservation activities. Includes step-by-step guide ... 0
71 Digital Portals to State History Web Resource/Report A blog post that shares links to websites that provide access to state history. 0
From There to Here, from Here to There, Digital Content is Everywhere! Education/Training A blog post that explain the Library of Congress's use of Bag-It. A introductory video about Bag It is also linked to. 0
Tutorial: How to Turn a Spreadsheet into the Contents List of an EAD-Encoded Finding Aid Education/Training A blog post on how to create a finding aid with a spreadsheet. 0
Making Scanned Content Accessible Using Full-text Search and OCR Web Resource/Report A blog post describing the process and tools that can be used to assist in making scanned content more accessible. 0
Text:MD Technical Metadata for Text Standard

XML Schema that details technical metadata for text-based digital objects.


Displaying Resources 121 through 140 of 544

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