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Resource Name Resource Type Brief Description Comments
Digital Preservation Management: 4c. Preservation Metadata Education/Training

Section of the Digital Preservation Management Tutorial that discusses preservation metadata.

Digital Preservation Management: Implementing Short-Term Strategies for Long-Term Problems Education/Training

Tutorial that walks through many concepts and elements of digital preservation.

Digital Preservation Policies: Guidance for archives Policy/Guideline

This guide explains the key characteristics of a digital preservation policy. It will discuss why there is a need for a policy and how it supports digital ...

Digital Preservation Policy (Preserving Archival Digital Records Transferred from Commonwealth Agencies) Policy/Guideline A policy that defines digital preservation, discusses the objectives and scope of digital preservation at the National Archives of Australia. Digital ... 0
Digital Preservation Policy - Wisconsin Historical Society Policy/Guideline

The Digital Preservation Policy formalizes the Wisconsin Historical Society’s (WHS) commitment to ensuring the long-term preservation of all the permanent ...

Digital Preservation Q&A Web Resource/Report

This Q&A forum provides a location in which questions about digital preservation questions can be posted and responded to by the community. Many ...

Digital Preservation Storage Criteria Policy/Guideline

The Preservation Storage Criteria provides a list of criteria, or design attributes, for storage that supports the work of digital preservation. The ...

Digital Preservation Strategy Policy/Guideline

Information on what a digital preservation strategy must include.  Links to the 2011 report " Digital Preservation: Special Issue of Information Standards Quarterly (ISQ)

Web Resource/Report

Includes articles that discuss preservation metadata, trustworthy digital repositories, audio/visual digitization guidelines, and other information.

Digital Record Object IDentification (DROID) Tool Demo Education/Training

A video tutorial of adding files to DROID.  Walks through and explains the information that DROID collects about the files.  Shows how to filter results. ...

Digitization Guidance (Wisconsin) Web Resource/Report

These guidance documents are intended to help state agencies and local units of government plan and manage mass digitization projects. ...

Disaster Planning Templates (PA) Form and Resource Sample

The Disaster Planning and Essential Records website has a section for Disaster Planning Templates.  Templates include: State Agency Disaster Plan and ...

Disaster Preparedness Planning (MN) Web Resource/Report

Guidelines and other resources for disaster prevention, disaster plans, disaster assessment and recovery teams, and disaster recovery.  Includes links ...

Disaster Response and Recovery Resources (MN) Web Resource/Report

Focused on flood response, this webpage provides guidance written by the Minnesota Historical Society's Conservation Department as well as linking out ...

Disposal of Digital Information Web Resource/Report A discussion about disposal of digital information including if appropriate authorities are being used, if there are drivers or barriers to digital disposal, ... 0
Document Management - Electronically stored information - Recommendations for trustworthiness and reliability Standard

Describes the implementation and operation of document management systems that can be considered to store electronic information in a trustworthy and ...

Document Reprocessors Web Resource/Report

Vendor specializing in wet document restoration with a focus on libraries, institutions, and government agencies.  Find resources relating to book ...

Documents for the Classroom (Maryland) Web Resource/Report

Document Packets cover a variety of topics and eras in Maryland history and are designed to bring primary sources into the curriculum. Online ...

DocuSign How-to Guide Education/Training

A How-To guide on working with DocuSign an electronic signature vendor (NC specific).

Download a copy of your Gmail and Google Calendar data Education/Training

The post links to Google's export data form, which prompts the user through steps to archive data from Google products.   A blog ...


Displaying Resources 101 through 120 of 505

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