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Resource Name Resource Type Brief Description Comments
Selected Email Preservation Resources Web Resource/Report Key readings as well as useful tools are profiled as resources to learn more about the preservation of email. 0
Karen's Directory Printer Tool Karen's Directory Printer captures and allows you to save or print technical file/folder level metadata about your files including file name, file size, ... 0
Information and documentation - managing metadata for records - Part 2: Conceptual and implementation issues Standard ISO/TS 23081-2:2009 establishes a framework for defining metadata elements consistent with the principles and implementation considerations outlined in ... 0
Information and documentation -- Managing metadata for records -- Part 3: Self-assessment method Standard ISO/TR 23081-3:2011 provides guidance on conducting a self-assessment on records metadata in relation to the creation, capture and control of records. ... 0
Islandora Tool Islandora is an open-source software framework designed to help institutions and organizations and their audiences collaboratively manage, and discover ... 0
IrfanView Tool IrfanView is an image/graphic viewer that also has the ability to do batch processing including converting between file formats. 0
Idiot Guide No. 2: Tableau Write Blockers Education/Training Instructions for using two different write blockers - one for USB devices and media cards and the other for internal hard drives created by the University ... 0
Reliable Storage Media for Electronic Records (IL) Policy/Guideline Information on various types of storage media discussing factors to be considered when selecting media for long-term use including durability, widespread ... 0
Idiot Guide No. 1: Forensic Workstation Education/Training Information on how the University of Hull is using two different Forensic Workstations. 0
JPEG 2000 (JPEG Committee) Web Resource/Report Information on all parts of JPEG 2000 as a standard, including Motion Jpeg 2000. The site includes an online guide to the standard as well as other documentation ... 0
Hash My Files Tool HashMyFiles is small utility that allows you to calculate the MD5 and SHA1 hashes of one or more files in your system. You can easily copy the MD5/SHA1 ... 0
Hash My Files Resource Guide (UMN) Education/Training Hash My Files is a Windows based program that can calculate multiple checksum values as the same time. This document describes how to use Hash My Files ... 0
Identifying information risks that might be impacting on high risk business Policy/Guideline Guidelines on identifying information risk. Article includes defining information risks, identifying high risk areas of business, knowing what information ... 0
You've Got to Walk Before You Can Run: First Steps for Managing Born-Digital Content Received on Physical Media Policy/Guideline Guideline that walks through initial steps for managing born-digital materials that may come into your hands. Created for those who accept born-digital ... 0
Guidelines: Embedded Metadata in Broadcast WAVE Files Policy/Guideline Guideline on suggested metadata to use with the Broadcast WAVE file format. 0
Guidelines on the Production and Preservation of Digital Audio Objects (web edition) Policy/Guideline Guideline includes chapters on background information, key digital principles, metadata, unique and persistent identifiers, signal extraction from original ... 0
Role-based Access Control Web Resource/Report General description on what role-based access is and how it is used. 0
Firewall (computing) Web Resource/Report General description of a firewall and how it is used. 0
Walk This Way: Detailed Steps for Transferring Born-Digital Content fom Media You Can Read in-house Policy/Guideline Follow up report to You've Got to Walk Before You Can Run, details the "descrete steps with objectives, links to available tools and software, references ... 0
Archive-It Tool First deployed in early 2006, Archive It is a subscription service which allows organizations to build and preserve collections of digital content on the ... 0

Displaying Resources 61 through 80 of 542

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