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Guidelines for Managing Public Records Sent and Received Via Electronic Mail (AZ) Policy/Guideline

This document provides guidelines for the management (creation, maintenance, access and use, and disposition) of e-mail messages in accordance with ...

New York State Archives Digital Imaging Guidelines Policy/Guideline

This document provides guidance regarding working with a vendor, preparing documents for digitization, roles and responsibilities, quality assurance, ...

Best Practices for Naming Electronic Records Policy/Guideline

This document provides best practices for the naming of files and may be used to create a file naming policy to be distributed to state agency staff ...

Developing a Continuity of Operations Program (OH) Policy/Guideline

This document provides an overview of a Continuity of Operations Program (COOP).  Areas of discussion include: benefits, definitions, why have a COOP, ...

Workflows for Government Records Transfer and Ingest into Digital Repository Form and Resource Sample

This document outlines the workflows for ingesting government records into the Digital Repository at the State Archives of North Carolina, including ...

Preferred File Formats (Minnesota State Archives) Policy/Guideline

This document outlines file formats preferred by the Minnesota State Archives for digital preservation. This list is not intended to be a comprehensive ...

Guidelines for the Preservation of Digital Heritage Policy/Guideline

This document offers general and technical guidelines for the preservation and continuing accessibility of the world's digital heritage.  It adopts ...

Portable Network Graphics Specification Standard

This document describes PNG (Portable Network Graphics), an extensible file format for the lossless, portable, well-compressed storage of raster images. ...

Model Policy and Procedure for the Management of Electronic Mail in Kentucky Agencies Policy/Guideline

This document defines acceptable management and storage of e-mail messages as part of an agency?s records management program.

Ingest and Accessioning Workflow for Records Submitted via the SMART System (chart) Policy/Guideline

This chart illustrates the workflow for records submitted by state government agencies to the Missouri State Archives via the SMART System.

Identifying Threats to Successful Digital Preservation, the SPOT Model for Risk Assessment Policy/Guideline

This article provides an outcome based model for identifying risks in digital records that can be used in digital preservation. The proposed Simple ...

California Preservation Program Web Resource/Report

The California Preservation Program website provides resources on disaster recovery services, consulting services, emergency preparedness and response, ...

Using DROID for Appraisal (Practical E-Records) Education/Training

These two blog posts walk through the process of using DROID in the accessioning process. As part of a series of tool reviews, DROID is evaluated on ...

Digital Imaging Standards (CT State Library) Policy/Guideline

These standards shall be read together with Public Records Policy 2: Digital Imaging to ensure a full understanding of the Office of the Public Records ...

Guidelines for State Agency Records Officers (WY) Policy/Guideline

These guidelines spell out the statutory requirement for agency records officers, their required responsibilities, and explain the following aspects ...

Guidelines for Digital Imaging of Public Records (OH) Policy/Guideline

These guidelines for digital imaging address project planning for selecting a system or service provider for digital imaging; address technical specifications ...

Electronic Record Management Guidelines for Arkansas State Government Policy/Guideline

These guidelines address electronic records management and preservation with a section specifically addressing email (e-mail).  

Unified Digital Format Registry (UDFR) Web Resource/Report

The UDFR is trying to combine "PRONOM and GDFR into an open-source, semantically enabled, and community supported platform."

Technical Standards for Capturing Digital Images from Paper or Microfilm (MI) Policy/Guideline

The technical standards for capturing digital images from paper or microfilm for Michigan.  Discusses the idea of archival records, agency responsibilities, ...

SGER Grant to Preserve Colorado's Born Digital Legislative History: Project Plan Form and Resource Sample

The SGER Grant to Convert Freedom System (GCFS) project plan will provide a definition of the project, including the project’s goals, objectives, ...


Displaying Resources 201 through 220 of 544

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