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Eloquent Archives Tool

A mobile-friendly archives collections management system for everything from Accessioning to online Public Access.  The tool can assist with addressing ...

Email FAQ (MS) Policy/Guideline

FAQ about email in the state of Mississippi. What is email? Are government emails public records?  Questions about appraisal, retention, and use.

Email FAQ (MS) Policy/Guideline

FAQ about email in the state of Mississippi. What is email? Are government emails public records?  Questions about appraisal, retention, and use.

Email Management Checklist Policy/Guideline

Email management workflow document.  Includes information about what email 'is' and 'is not' when looking at records management.  

Email Retention (ME) Policy/Guideline

Two page guidance answering questions about email retention and long-term management including what metadata is important and who is responsible for ...

Email Retention Guidance and Policies (MD) Policy/Guideline

Defines email systems and messages.  Answers the questions: What email should be kept and how long?  Who should save email and how?  

Emergency - If You're First Policy/Guideline

Guideline that provides step-by-step recommendations for how to respond to disasters affecting cultural heritage materials. Guidance includes what to ...

Emergency Call List Form (MN) Form and Resource Sample

Empty form to complete to inform staff on who to call when in what type of emergency.  

Emergency Management (LOC) Web Resource/Report

Website that discusses Risk Management, Prepardness, and Response and Recovery.  

Emergency Operations Plan (NC) Policy/Guideline

North Carolina's Emergency Operations Plan is available as a single PDF as well as in parts.  Parts include a promulgation letter, plan summary, basic ...

Emergency Operations Plan (VA) Policy/Guideline

The Commonwealth of Virginia Emergency Operations Plan (COVEOP) provides the framework for how the state will support impacted local governments, ...

Emergency Salvage of Moldy Books and Paper Policy/Guideline

Leaflet that provides guidance on identifying, preventing, and salvaging mold and mildew. Broad topics include "Mold: What it is and how it reproduces," ...

Encoded Archival Description (EAD) Standard EAD stands for Encoded Archival Description, and is a non-proprietary de facto standard for the encoding of finding aids for use in a networked (online) ... 0
Engaging Communities to Preserve: The History Harvest as a Collaborative Model for Digital Preservation Web Resource/Report

Report about the E-Z Photo Scan project and other collaborative digitization projects that provides guidance and suggestions when working collaboratively.

Ensuring Long-term Accessibility and Usability of Textual Records Stored as Digital Images (KY) Policy/Guideline

Ensuring long-term accessibility and usability of textual records stored as digital images is largely dependent on the design, implementation, and management ...

Essential Records and Disaster Preparedness Manual (WA) Policy/Guideline

This manual was created to help local agencies protect their essential records information from damage, loss, or theft. The manual provides information ...

Essential Records Guide (NARA) Policy/Guideline

Although written for Federal agencies, this guide may also be helpful to others to better understand the types of records needed in an emergency ...

Establishing a Micrographics Program Policy/Guideline

An informational guide about microfilming.  Includes the pros and cons; information about implementing a program; the filming process itself; quality ...

Exact File Tool A tool that has the ability to create and verify checksums on an individual or batch level. Multiple checksum algorithms are available for use. (Windows) 0
Exact File Resource Guide (UMN) Education/Training A step-by-step guide on how to use Exact File. Exact File is a stand alone program that will create and verify checksums on individual files or groups ... 0

Displaying Resources 181 through 200 of 544

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