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Resource Name Resource Type Brief Description Comments
Excel Archival Tool (UMN) Tool Available as a download from GitHub, this tool allows for the conversion of proprietary Excel files into open source formats. The tool extracts raw spreadsheet ... 0
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) [W3C] Web Resource/Report

A site dedicated to describing and discussing the Scalable Vector Graphic format, which was developed and is maintained by the W3C SVG Working Group.

Remove Empty Directories Resource Guide (UMN) Education/Training This resource describes the install and use of the Windows based program Remove Empty Directories - which searches a specified location looking for empty ... 0
Spreadsheet to Finding Aid - The Game Plan Education/Training A possible solution for working with digital images and making them accessible online via a finding aid. 0
LOCKSS Program Tool [From LOCKSS home page] The LOCKSS Program is an open-source, library-led digital preservation system built on the principle that ?lots of copies keep ... 0
Bag It Transfer Utility Tool

The BagIt Transfer Utility is the command-line equivalent of Bagger. Using the BagIt protocol developed by the Library of Congress and the California ...

Digital Preservation Strategy Policy/Guideline

Information on what a digital preservation strategy must include.  Links to the 2011 report " Den4b ReNamer

Tool This program allows you to rename files using a wide variety of naming actions. Some of the actions include using prefixes, suffixes, changing the case, ... 0
Guidance for Building an Effective Enterprise-wide Electronic Records Management (ERM) Governance Structure Policy/Guideline This document defines governance and its importance to the success of IT projects, the purpose and function of that governance, how project-specific governance ... 0
Walk This Way: Detailed Steps for Transferring Born-Digital Content fom Media You Can Read in-house Policy/Guideline Follow up report to You've Got to Walk Before You Can Run, details the "descrete steps with objectives, links to available tools and software, references ... 0
States of Sustainability: A Review of State Projects funded by the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP) Web Resource/Report This report reviews and summarized the four state led NDIIPP projects, including discussing the lessons learned, implementations and recommendations for ... 0
PRONOM (Technical Registry) Tool An online registry of technical information about file formats, provided as a resource to provide impartial information about file formats, software products, ... 0
DROID: How to Use It and Interpret Your Results (UK Nat.Archives) Education/Training

A user guide for DROID written by the UK National Archives, the program creator. This guide provides background information on what DROID is, what information ...

File Formats for Transfer of Electronic Records to the State Archives of North Carolina Policy/Guideline

Description of file formats that are recommended for transfer, those that are acceptable for transfer under certain circumstances, and those that are ...

Disposal of Digital Information Web Resource/Report A discussion about disposal of digital information including if appropriate authorities are being used, if there are drivers or barriers to digital disposal, ... 0
Digital Audio and Video File Formats Terminology Policy/Guideline

With no consensus on which file format or codec should be used for digital preservation, this guideline provides Information about various formats and ...

AIMS - Born Digital Collections: An Inter-Institutional Model for Stewardship Policy/Guideline

A framework document that discusses collection development, accessioning, arrangement and description, and discovery and access. Sample policies, templates, ...

AVPreserve: Tools Web Resource/Report

One focus of WeAreAVP (previously AVPreserve) is on the the preservation of audio/visual materials. This section of their website provides information ...

Best Practices for State Agency Social Media Usage in North Carolina, Version 2.0 Policy/Guideline

This report explains the status of social media as public record and the responsibilities of North Carolina state agencies to retain these records. ...

Model Guidelines for Electronic Records Policy/Guideline

For use by state and local agencies in Delaware. These guidelines are intended to guide agencies toward developing electronic records systems that create ...


Displaying Resources 21 through 40 of 544

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