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Resource Name Resource Type Brief Description Comments
Authentication Web Resource/Report

Information on the methods and associated costs of authentication. Background information on the legal concerns and development of a model law for authentication. ...

Ready. Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed. -- Planning Web Resource/Report The Planning section of this web resource addresses identifying hazards, risk assessment, and determining business impacts of possible hazards. Other ... 0
Paying for Long-Term Storage Web Resource/Report A summary of a conference panel about the "idea of endowing data with a sum sufficient to pay for its indefinate storage". 0
MPEG-4 Web Resource/Report Summary of the MPEG-4 file format, background, and specifications. 0
Agency of the Future: Open Source Web Resource/Report An issue of GovLoop Guide that addresses issues relating to the use and adoption of open source software. 0
Protect Your Data: Information Security and the Boundaries of Your Storage System Web Resource/Report A post about the Level 1 Information Securtiy square on the NDSA Levels of Preservation chart. Specifically "storage system" is described and additional ... 0
Engaging Communities to Preserve: The History Harvest as a Collaborative Model for Digital Preservation Web Resource/Report

Report about the E-Z Photo Scan project and other collaborative digitization projects that provides guidance and suggestions when working collaboratively.

WARC, Web ARChive file format Web Resource/Report

Description of the Web ARChiving format on the Library of Congress Sustainability of Digital Formats site. The site discusses identification and description ...

File Format Action Plans in Theory and Practice Web Resource/Report Blog post about various methods for developing "file format actions plans" which are policy/guidelines for how institutions preserve specific file formats. 0
PDF Association Resources Web Resource/Report Links to various publications related to PDF specifications including PDF/A, PDF/UA, and more. 0
Firewall (computing) Web Resource/Report General description of a firewall and how it is used. 0
The Signal: Digital Preservation Web Resource/Report

Home page of the Library of Congress' blog relating to digital preservation issues. Many digital preservation topics and projects are discussed.  

Community Owned digital Preservation Tool Registry (COPTR) Web Resource/Report

COPTR is an "initiative to collate the knowledge of the digital preservation community on preservation tools in one place". The goal is to create a ...

Bit Curator Site Web Resource/Report

Bit Curator's main website that provides information about the BitCurator tool, Blog posts, news, and announcements, and additional background information ...

Digital Preservation: Special Issue of Information Standards Quarterly (ISQ) Web Resource/Report

Includes articles that discuss preservation metadata, trustworthy digital repositories, audio/visual digitization guidelines, and other information.

Aligning National Approaches to Digital Preservation Web Resource/Report Conference proceedings of the Aligning National Approaches to Digital Preservation at which the group explored how to create and sustain international ... 0
Record Services (Minnesota State Archives) Web Resource/Report

In additional to resources on electronic records management, and preservation, links to examples of records management forms including record transfer, ...

Practical E-Records (blog) Web Resource/Report

The focus of this blog is to address the issues of archivists. Sample documents, evaluations, and instructions on how to complete a process or use a ...

Cryptographic Hash Function Web Resource/Report A general description of what a Hash Function (checksum) is, its uses, and value. 0
Comma-Separated Values Web Resource/Report Description of the CSV file format, including functionality, technical background, and moving towards standardization. 0

Displaying Resources 61 through 80 of 544

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