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Resource Name Resource Type Brief Description Comments
Collaborative Approaches to Managing File Formats - A Day of Action Web Resource/Report

Links to conference presentations given about collaborative approaches for managing file formats and information about collaborative projects.

Foundations: Record Inventory and Appraisal Web Resource/Report

Information and case study about creating a record inventory with sample documents.

Understanding Records Management: Electronic Records (Kentucky) Web Resource/Report

The documents on the web page represent the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives efforts to offer guidance and support to state and local ...

Preserving State Government Information Web Resource/Report

Web page that describes the four state initiative projects that 2/3 of all states participated in for NDIIPP. Links to and information about each project ...

Portable Network Graphic (PNG) Web Resource/Report

A site that explains the basics of the PNG file format, how it relates to other file formats, software support, and links to other resources.  

Records Management (Northeastern University) Web Resource/Report Resources about records management. 0
Top Records and Information Management Blogs Web Resource/Report A website listing a selection of Records Management Blogs. Blogs are categorized by: Records management association and analyst blogs; Content management, ... 0
PAWN: Producer-Archive Workflow Network in support of digital preservation Web Resource/Report A paper that describes the design and implementation of the PAWN environment to enable secure and distributed ingestion of digital objects into a persistent ... 0
Technology Watch Reports (DPC) Web Resource/Report A set of 16 published reports on various topics written to provide an advanced introduction to issues related to establishing or running services with ... 0
Electronic Records Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Web Resource/Report

Information on why to prepare for a disaster, how to reduce risk, and what do to with various media types in response to a disaster.

Archives in the Digital Era (blog) Web Resource/Report Archives in the Digital Era is a blog by Richard Pearce-Moses, Director of the master of Archival Studies at Clayton State University. The blog discusses ... 0
Extensible Markup Language (XML) Web Resource/Report

Information about XML.  What is it, what is it used for, examples.  Information about the schema, security, transformation, query, components, processing ...

From Theory to Action: "Good Enough" Digital Preservation Solutions for Under-Resourced Cultural Heritage Institutions Web Resource/Report Report from the Digital POWRR Project documenting the POWRR Project and results in investigating various options for digital preservation. Tools/systems ... 0
More Podcast, Less Process Web Resource/Report A podcast series of "interviews with archivists, librarians, preservationists, technologists, and information professionals" on various topics. 0
SNIA Dictionary Web Resource/Report This dictionary provides authoritative and acceptable definitions of storage and storage related activities as agreed upon by the storage industry participants. 0
What Do You Mean by Archive? Genres of Usage for Digital Preservers Web Resource/Report Discussion on the many different meanings/intrepretations of the word "archive." 0
Future Proof - Protecting Our Digital Future Web Resource/Report An initative of the New South Wales Governement, this blog and web resource provides commentary and information about working with digital records. Various ... 0
JPEG 2000 (JPEG Committee) Web Resource/Report Information on all parts of JPEG 2000 as a standard, including Motion Jpeg 2000. The site includes an online guide to the standard as well as other documentation ... 0
Personal Archiving: Preserving Your Digital Memories Web Resource/Report As the main site for the Personal Digital Archiving projects at the Library of Congress there are links to basic preservation guidelines, videos, and resources. ... 0
Practical Technology for Archives Web Resource/Report An online resource that provides article on various issues for processing and learning more about digital content. (Inaugural issue.) 0

Displaying Resources 21 through 40 of 544

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