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Resource Name Resource Type Brief Description Comments
Trustworthy Repositories Audit and Certification: Criteria and Checklist Policy/Guideline

Trustworthy Repositories Audit & Certification: Criteria and Checklist (TRAC), based upon the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) Reference ...

How to Evaluate Open Source Software / Free Software (OSS/FS) Programs Policy/Guideline A paper that discusses a general process for evalauting software programs. 0
An Introduction to Metadata Policy/Guideline

A set of advice documents that address metadata of still or moving images, or audio collections.

State of Maine: Policy on Preservation of State Government Records Policy/Guideline

Policies, instructions, and guidelines for employees to follow in regards to the preservation of electronic records. Links to associated guidelines ...

ICPSR Digital Preservation Policy Framework Policy/Guideline A sample digital preservation policy framework document. This policy serves as a template for other organizations looking to do similar work. Links to ... 0
State of Hawaii DRAFT Recordkeeping Metadata Standard Policy/Guideline

Description, definitions for, and the requiremens of the Hawaii Recordkeeping Metadata Standard. In the appendicies, elements are mapped to other metadata ...

A 10-Step Records Management Plan for Your Unit Policy/Guideline This ten step guideline discusses the important topics to think about and/or address when developing a records management plan. (Created for and by a ... 0
Guidelines on the Production and Preservation of Digital Audio Objects (web edition) Policy/Guideline Guideline includes chapters on background information, key digital principles, metadata, unique and persistent identifiers, signal extraction from original ... 0
Selecting Storage Media for Long-Term Preservation Policy/Guideline One of a series of guidance notes giving general advice on issues relating to the preservation and management of electronic records. Provides guidance ... 0
Guidelines for Digital Newspaper Preservation Readiness Policy/Guideline This report addresses the preservation challenges faced by orgnizations with digitial newspaper content. 0
Minimum Digitization Capture Recommendations Policy/Guideline Recommendations for minimum digitization capture settings for static media, audio, video, and textual materials. 0
Best Practice for Digital Permanence Policy/Guideline

Description of what records might need to be preserved long-term. Threats to their permanence and strategies tp preserve digital materials over time ...

Digital Preservation Policies: Guidance for archives Policy/Guideline

This guide explains the key characteristics of a digital preservation policy. It will discuss why there is a need for a policy and how it supports digital ...

UCLA Library Special Collections Digital Project Toolkit Policy/Guideline Designed as a workflow for digitizing special collections but applicable in other situations, this workflow is divided into four stages. Templates and ... 0
Sustainable Economics for a Digital Planet: Ensuring Long-Term Access to Digital Preservation (Final Report of the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Sustainable Digital Preservation and Access) Policy/Guideline A report that explores the sustainability factors of long-term digital presevation and associated challenges. 0
Preservation Metadata (2nd edition) Policy/Guideline

Discussion of preservation metadata including PREMIS and METS.

Public Records Leaflet 13: Public Records Stored As Digital Images: Policy Statement Policy/Guideline

Defines records management requirements for state agency imaging systems holding records with retentions of under ten years and over ten years.

Preparing for the Worst: Managing Records Disasters (NY) Policy/Guideline

Guideline on developing and maintaining a disaster plan, preventing the worst, responding to a disaster. Sample documents are provided.

Care, Handling and Storage of Removable Media Policy/Guideline One of a series of guidance notes giving general advice on issues relating to the preservation and management of electronic records. Provides guidance ... 0
File Formats Guideline Policy/Guideline

Provides guidance and advice to public agencies in the selection and use of file formats that support the interoperability and long-term preservation ...


Displaying Resources 101 through 120 of 544

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