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E-Records Checklists Policy/Guideline

E-Records Inventory checklist and E-Records Retention Checklist that provides information on locating and evaluating electronic files and when to file ...

Email Management Checklist Policy/Guideline

Email management workflow document.  Includes information about what email 'is' and 'is not' when looking at records management.  

PAIMAS Implementation Use Case Guidelines Policy/Guideline

With these use cases, the aim is to validate the concepts and the mechanisms proposed for the implementation of the Producer-Archive Interface Methodology ...

Best Practices for Organizing Electronic Records Policy/Guideline

This document provides best practices for the organization of files and folders and may be used to create a file organization policy to be distributed to ...

Best Practices for the Selection of Electronic File Formats Policy/Guideline

This document provides best practices for selecting and monitoring file formats, and it may be used to create a policy to distribute to Wisconsin ...

Electronic Records Inventories (WI) Policy/Guideline

This resource provides guidance for Wisconsin state agencies on creating electronic records inventories.  Inventories can be helpful for agencies ...

Using Web Analytics to Improve Online Access to Archival Resources Policy/Guideline

An article that introduces Web analytics as a method that archivists can use to measure user actions, to understand some aspects of user ...

Digital Curation Lifecycle Model Policy/Guideline

A graphical, high-level overview of the stages required for successful curation and preservation of data from initial conceptualisation or receipt through ...

Guidelines for the Preservation of Digital Heritage Policy/Guideline

This document offers general and technical guidelines for the preservation and continuing accessibility of the world's digital heritage.  It adopts ...

The Web Archiving Life Cycle Model Policy/Guideline

Archive-It's model and best practices framework for those looking to create or improve their web archiving program.  Provides information on policy ...

Identifying Threats to Successful Digital Preservation, the SPOT Model for Risk Assessment Policy/Guideline

This article provides an outcome based model for identifying risks in digital records that can be used in digital preservation. The proposed Simple ...

The Significance of Storage in the "Cost of Risk" of Digital Preservation Policy/Guideline

The article discusses using cost-of-risk as the main method for determining preservation strategies especially in regards to storage solutions. The ...

Understanding Metadata: What is Metadata, and What is it for?: A Primer Policy/Guideline

This resource offers a comprehensive overview of metadata, covering topics such as metadata types, standardization, and use in the cultural heritage ...

Preserving Email Policy/Guideline

Overview of email preservation issues, standards and strategies, and technical tools. Includes case studies policy recommendations for both individuals ...

Examining Attributes of Open Standard File Formats for Long-term Preservation and Open Access Policy/Guideline

This study examines the attributes that have been used to assess file formats in literature and compiles the most frequently used attributes of file ...

Understanding PREMIS Policy/Guideline

A brief overview of the PREMIS preservation metadata standard. It it intended to provide information about what PREMIS is, not how to implement it. ...

Digital Imaging Guidelines (VA) Policy/Guideline

Provides best practices for public bodies that are investigating the use of imaging systems for storage and retrieval of public records, and applies ...

E-Mail Management Guidelines Policy/Guideline

Establishes the basic best practices related to the creation, maintenance, use, and disposition of public records created by all state and local ...

E-Mail Guidelines for Public Employees (WY) Policy/Guideline

FAQ format for a guidance document about E-mail.  Discusses email in regards to public records, retention, types of records, attachments, and organizational ...

Text Messaging Policies Policy/Guideline

Outline of four policies around how to manage text messaging in local government business situations.  All local governments should develop ...


Displaying Resources 181 through 200 of 544

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